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Használd ki a lehetőséget egy hétvégi kiruccanásra a montanai Hope megyébe.

Ez azonban nem egy kellemes és békés utazás lesz. A Far Cry 5 a népszerű lövöldözős sorozat egyik legújabb része, amelyben a játékosok ádáz harcot vívnak majd egy fanatikus ítéletnapi szekta ellen, amelyet Joseph Seed vezet. Csak a vele való szembeszállással lehet megmenteni az ostromlott közösséget…

Far Cry 5 ingyenes hétvége (2023. március 23-27.)

A szokásoknak megfelelően a játék alapkiadása is elérhető az ingyenes játékidőszak alatt. Ha elkezdheted szítani az ellenállás tüzét, látogass el erre a hivatalos Ubisoft weboldalra. Válaszd ki a játékplatformot (Ubisoft Connect), és élvezd az ingyenes próbaverziót.

Ha inkább az Epic Games Launcherén keresztül szeretnél játszani, azt is megteheted. Csak add hozzá a Far Cry 5 ingyenes próbaverzióját a fiókodhoz, és töltsd le a címet az EGS platformon.

Jelentős előrelépést értek el? Jó híreket hozunk: nem veszik kárba, és átvihető, ha úgy döntesz, hogy megvásárolod a játékot. Ezek a legjobb ajánlatok tucatnyi digitális áruházból:

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Far Cry 5 (PC)
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Far Cry 5 (PC)

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Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on March 27, 2018, Far Cry® 5 is the fifth instalment of the bestselling first-person shooter (fps) video game series. The game, like the previous parts, impresses with great graphics and an extraordinary soundtrack, in which we have both popular songs known from radio stations and original compositions. The gameplay itself is quite simple. The player is introduced to a brand new area called Hope County, which offers great views characteristic for the American state. He has a certain mission to complete and it only depends on him how he will cope with it. He has a mission to complete and it's up to him how he tackles it, with new, deadly weapons and vehicles to help him traverse the wild woods, lakes and grasslands. An interesting novelty in the game, which is worth mentioning, is the lack of towers and mini-map. From now on, in order to find the way, the player has to use his skills, which only shows that the creators put more and more emphasis on realism. Gameplay and Game Mode As in previous parts of the series, the action in Far Cry 5 is presented from a first-person perspective. At the very beginning the player creates a character. He can choose both his appearance and gender. Then, thanks to the experience gained in the game, he can develop special, very useful skills of his character, which will help him in open combat with opponents, as well as those focused on the quiet elimination of opponents. Another interesting feature of Far Cry 5 is the fact that the game can be completed not only alone, but also in the company of another player. The co-op mode introduced by the developers covers the entire campaign and all side activities. Storyline The action of Far Cry 5 takes place in a fictional Hope County located in the American state of Montana. The player takes on the role of a policeman or policewoman whose task is to uncover and destroy a fanatical religious cult. The cult is led by Joseph Seed, who ruthlessly deals with those he considers enemies. Before dealing with him, however, the player must liberate the three main regions of Hope County, ruled by two brothers and the half-sister of the main antagonist. Of course, it should be added that the protagonist does not act alone and can always count on the help of characters encountered during the game, such as sniper Grace Armstrong, pilot Nick Rye, helicopter pilot Adelaide Drubman, or Hurk Drubman Jr. known from the previous parts. Reception Far Cry 5 on PC received positive reviews. First of all, players liked the open world that the game offers and the presence of many enemies and allies. For the vast majority, the main advantage was the great freedom in attacking enemies and powerful explosions against the background of majestic nature. Players also rated with approval many other elements of the game, such as the large map, engaging missions, fantastic music, the ability to search abandoned houses in forests and factories, and the presence of a charismatic, intelligent anti-hero. Additionally, according to reviewers, the references to American culture and stereotypes, as well as the system of acquiring quests from NPCs, which has been improved compared to the previous parts of the series, also deserve recognition.


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